DBI hotels offer advice and representation services to hotel owners. We act as the hotel owner representative protecting their interests and that of their business. The well skill and experience DBI advisors ensure that the objectives of the hotel investment are well protected.

As an international management company we have experience with managing multiple hotels and resort assets. We specialize in franchised management of Wyndham and other international brands as well as the independent small to large hotels including resorts. We take care of all the important factors with our regular site visits and uninformed quality audits , mystery guest services, operational budget reviews and variation analysis. We also represent the owners to negotiate the best deal for suppliers and partners.

DBI is an independent hotel franchise company. We offer a unique formula, for the hotel owners to build tomorrow hotels. We have been operating since 2016, and have grown our hotel portfolio, with properties belonging to private owners and investors in over 4 countries and 2 continents.

Hotel franchise opportunities with us


Receive best pricing and select the brand that suit your market. As one of the world largest hotel company  DBI is a premier operating and development partner for Wyndham brands like of Ramada, Encore, Days Inn, Wyndham Garden, Wyndham Grand or Dolce.

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MOI is DBI own hotel brand. MOI hotel  community possess an ability to building strong network within the local area as well around the globe. MOI is not just a hotel, it’s a live community that never sleep. MOI is a tomorrow hotel brand. A Brand with an aptitude. 

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Independent label

The rapid pace of change and evolving customer  preferences is forcing traditional hotel brands to  explore ways to cultivate customer loyalty, drive traffic  to their direct sites, and capture greater share of wallet. Thats why our white label operating model works for all types of hotel investors.

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From nearest future , hotel's need more than just a brand

The Value of brand is decreasing

One of the biggest challenges hotels face is the  decreasing value of their brands and their shrinking  base of loyal guests. From OTAs to the brands need to extend and deepen their  relationship with travellers in order to stay relevant.                                                                                    

The Market is over-saturated with brands

Additionally, after the entrance of Airbnb, travellers  now expect their lodgings to provide a variety of unique  and delightful experiences. In response to this the  number of new hotel brands that address this emerging need are popping up at a surprising rate.

Bussines model are too narrow and too traditional

Most importantly these new trends are challenging  industry orthodoxies and will have implications on  the way hotels do business.This is why at DBI we have changed the way we operate, experts recruitment process  and technology we use. We are the futuristic service provider. 


The hotel of the future will be  an integrator of partnerships  to offer new and varied  experiences that can evolve  with guests.


The hotel of the future will  be an integrator of multi-  purpose spaces to provide platform of resources that  can serve new customers.


The hotel of the future will  be an integrator of services  and businesses to play as the  nexus of the travel industry.

Your Hospitality Partner We connect you with the rest of the world – we are the future hotel company

We are confident we can offer the best franchise or branding solutions for enthusiast owners who wish to retain their independence while enjoying the highest level of management and marketing expertise.

DBI can provide access to a reliable future brand without incurring the excessive costs of hiring multinational companies.  The secret to our success lies in our philosophy of managing hotels via a Dream Team formula consisting of three pillars: people, quality and profit. Since our  business rests on relationships. We look forward to the opportunity to build an enduring relationship with you and your hotel team.