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DBI Bussiness Development Regional & Global Service

Global & Regional Sales Team
A key ingredient of any effective hotels or chain of hotel achieving the revenue targets are depend on how well their  local and international sales office's are functioning. At DBI business development office is  the heart of our business, connecting  guest , bookers, government and Non government organisations, communities, privet and public companies 

We offer you dedicated sales support, providing an established and well equipped structure to ensure that regular sales calls are made to promote your hotel. This serves to increase your exposure and to develop potential markets by building relationships and uncovering new opportunities.

Our team of sales executives are strategically placed in Kiev, Zurich, Minsk, Colombo and the London offices. This team performs an average of 300 target sales calls per month in five countries.

DBI Hotel Management VP Sales & Marketing will further guarantee that sales calls tailor made to your hotel’s business plan.

In addition to the DBI Hotel Management sales team, we harness a formidable offering of the C event, Goleeds, Lanyon that will maximise your RFP process.
The benefits of DBI Hotel Management’s partnerships include key corporate account placing groups and meeting organisations.

Market reputation
You clearly want to penetrate the market as effectively and directly as possible. You want guests to return year after year, telling their friends of their memorable experiences.

Our Business Development Division has years of experience in providing exceptional services to hotels. We begin by working with you to conduct a thorough analysis of your current sales & marketing strategy and collateral. We use this to co-create a detailed sales & marketing plan per market segment.

Our proven record demonstrates that results have been positive. The hotels we operate consistently out-perform their competition, even in very challenging markets.


Multiple benefit and peace of mind
Here are just some of the benefits available through our business development division:
  • You will receive a full sales & marketing audit and evaluation of your current marketing collateral, websites, and reservations process in order to identify gaps and suggest improvements.
  • You will receive a strategic sales and marketing plan tailor-made for your hotel to capitalise on every seasonal opportunity. This will align with your business plan to keep everyone on one page. 
  • You can obtain high-quality brochures, banners, videos, and other visual marketing material designed by today’s most talented global writers and designers.
  • Our IT solutions team will design a superb sales-driven website for you with easy-to-navigate layouts and simple online booking forms to increase sales and provide a memorable user experience for your clients. This new website will automatically connect to the DBI umbrella website and will have exposure to our millions of website visitors. 
  • Our IT team will get your property booking services optimised through our focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay-per-Click) advertising through Google AdWords and Facebook.
  • To advertise your hotel’s digital presence and increase booking conversions, YUME web enhancement tools will be exclusively available to you from the first day of cooperation.
  • Your database can be maintained and expanded through powerful direct marketing presentations to continually build positive client relationships and increase sales year after year.

Revenue Management & E-Commerce

Powerful E-commerce & revenue tools
A large part of hospitality business is generated online and this trend will inevitably grow. Our team will ensure improving SEO, online market- ing, and social media presence. We will utilise the latest global tools to generate high sales for your hotel operation. You will be able to use our Central Revenue Management and E-commerce teams to capture sales opportunities through multiple direct channels.

Our dedicated team drives information on our hotels towards loyalty, which gives them expo- sure to targeted sales opportunities. This allows revenue to expand, while the inventory remains under control. You will gain valuable exposure through our website, which targets the consumer market and manages the diverse needs of today’s traveler – from business to leisure, family holidays to romantic breaks, spa and golf getaways to corporate meetings and business incentives.

DBI operates a complex databank of essential management information which will enable you to receive monthly production reports.

The E-commerce and global revenue team will conduct regular checks of your hotel which will assess and control important management information. As a result of this monitoring, your property’s RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room) and TrePAR will increase significantly. 

Revenue Management
DBI hotel management  is a regional leader in hotel revenue management solutions, with our on site or remote revenue management services we help independent hotels increase their profitability.  Our hotel yield and revenue specialists implement DBI hotels  proven technique to grow the RevPar, TrevPar and GopPar results.

You will have the benefit of our highly skilled Revenue Management Team, who will work closely with your existing team to advise them on revenue management and distribution solutions, helping you to ensure maximum profits. In some cases, we can even completely take over this functionality, leaving you with one less challenge. 

Our team will assist you in developing a clear business strategy to generate and maximise demand. This will help you gain visibility and increase market share. We can help you to find the correct revenue management tools by introducing you to our partners who are global industry leaders in revenue maximisation.

DBI provides you with a range of sophisticated statistics to help accurately analyse trends and potential – the most valuable management tool of all in the hotel world.

DBI is the only company that provide dedicated revenue manager and automated revenue tools to its partner hotel with no extra cost.

Why DBI Technology Platform

Integrated channel manager

Connect with over 100 pre negotiated OTA (online travel agents) with just a one click. Manage your inventory better. We know how it works. Increase your hotel booking today. 

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Pay less for more bookings is not only increase your hotel booking but it gives you better deal with OTA commission percentages. Find out how to pay less for online booking. 

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Your own revenue manager

Every YUME hotels will have a automated revenue manager who will be 100% tracking you hotel inventory fo revenue optimisation. For more details talk to one of our expert today.

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Our team of professionals includes HR consultants,
executive coaches, business professionals, and more.

Sales & Marketing End to End Solutions

Field Sales

We have had to start competing on quality of life in a way that they never had to before — leading to higher ratings from consultants.

E-commerce channels

Our team will ensure improving SEO, online marketing, and social media presence using our YUME platform. We will utilise the latest global tools to generate high sales for your hotel operation.

YUME is our online marketplace. We provide easy hazel free booking experience to all our guest with multiple rewards. Unlike other Online hotel sales websites, all YUME hotels are managed under our brand standard. 

YUME Connect

YUME connect is DBI loyalty platform making every stay is rewarded. Available as mobile app & operate under blue, gold & platinum 


YULIYA is our Automated Concierge Service, available 24/7 365 days. Available for all DBI & YUME guests.

Call Center

Kyiv & Colombo  based call centre manage the all direct calls  from booking agents or YUME or DBI guests,  24/7 365days. 

Electronic & social media solutions

Social Media

Our team has expertise in developing best & practical  S&M campaign that attract booking. 

E- Mails

Get access to our database . Send tailor-maid offers through our in-build system.  

DBI Toolbox

We offer all your hotel's analytic data inventive ways to improve your revenue. 

SMM Strategist

Our SMM Expert will unleash your hotel full potential to increase brand visibility.

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