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Hotel pre opening

There are million details to be conceder & organise during this most important and critical period, building up to the launch of your new hotel project and beyond.

As a market leader with proven track records we can help you with the pre-opening planning and project management. We can take all the troubles out for your hand, setting up the operations and strategies for your new hotel.

Our team has a great experience in this field, turning hotel projects into a great success. Focusing on the  property specific unique selling points, our experts will develop a customised and creative strategic pre and post opening plan. Our proven and creative methodology of positioning new hotels and innovating concepts has brought our clients solid results with a record time line where ROI was justified on the real estate investment.

With our best practices and hands on approach we will turn your property to become a market leader and uncover its hidden revenue potential, driving both top line revenue and bottom line profitability

Our signature services make us stand above the rest

Hotel feasibility study
In over six years of helping investors  to make the best decision,

we have seen how many investors or local hoteliers ( specially in parts of DBI hotels operating) simply assume that their idea or plan will succeed, without conducting any detail  and accurate research on how their vision will work in the future. Not understanding proper market behaviours, macro and micro indicators or simply without not knowing the competition.

Hotel feasibility study and why do you need one?

Feasibility study investigates your initial investment idea deeper to understand it is  correct & profitable. Definition to this is feasibility is an analysis that takes all of a project's relevant factors into account—including economic, technical, legal, and scheduling considerations—to ascertain the likelihood of completing the project successfully. Hotel investors or hotel owners use feasibility studies to discern the pros and cons of undertaking a project before they invest a lot of time and money into it.

Feasibility studies also can provide a company's management with crucial information that could prevent the company from entering blindly into risky or unprofitable businesses.

Pre opening operation
You will enjoy a world of services with our full service contract.

A full service contract or just the pre opening help with DBI hotels, we will cover every aspect of the most complicated time of your hotel investment .

We may assist you with all of the below:
  • Selection of designs, operating equipment and operating supplies
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Human Resources planning, staff hiring and training
  • Pre-Opening Marketing, opening events, advertising, positioning
  • Standards and Procedures implementation
  • Time line management & TSA
  • Contractors choosing
  • Accounting  & IT solution selection, setup and training
  • Purchasing and pre ordering
  • All departmental training
  • Market Positioning & PR

DBI provides unique services, tailor made to each project and carefully designed to meet its individual needs.

DBI Feasibility Report
DBI hotel feasibility study is extensive and gives you very accurate and certified  informations regarding the costs involved, investment ratio analysis & more.  Further based on those actual data, report  suggest that the investment is desirable. 

If you required a comprehensive verified and study with Location analysis to project cost calculation, local supply & demand analysis to room rate and competition analysis, PESTAL to SWOT and financial part of the report - forecasting future revenue, cashflow and ratio analysis  with proper recommendation of suitability, brand suitability and selection analysis. 

DBI Signature Bussiness Plan
DBI signature business plan is comprehensive and realistic. This is the Must have strategic document with every small details of the property has been covered, from revenue projection to operations. very clear hotel position statement to sales & marketing plan. 

We also assess any required capital improvement or conceptual changes needed to increase market share and profitability. with our business plan, our clients will receive a detailed operating calendar and gantt chart for planning. with Set KPI with the year plan ahead, your hotel is set for achieve the excellence in all areas. 

DBI Training and Development
We will integrate your team with ours and ensure they exceed expectations.
You need have no concerns about integration as we have a proven record of successfully blending hotel teams and increasing overall both quality and profitability indicators. 

We will provide you with a complete evaluation of existing staff.This evaluation will focus on their current skills and the twenty key basic criteria most relevant to today’s hospitality environment.  This report is completely free & analyse  training requirement by every staff member to increase quality scores and profitability.. 

We will work with your current team to ensure that service delivery at your hotel exceeds guest expectations and guest engagement round the property is of the highest level. We know this leads to a strong brand, creating ambassadors who will return to your property.

Your staff will also benefit significantly from our total back to basics operating programme that ensures every team member grasps fundamental service standards, leading to the delivery of exceptional hospitality according to DBI standards. Live industry samples have shown that this attention to service standards leads to a significant boost in your bottom line.

We provide end to end solutions save your time and money

We offer a wide range of services and handle all aspects of hotel management, operation and development. We create and manage hotels that guest love and financially successful hotels that investors get their returns.

Hotel leasing

Many hotel owners prefer to have us manage the end to end operation of their property through leasing with the assurance of a guaranteed income and the successful running of the unit.

Interior design

Our team of interior designers experts handle the decor of each hotel in accordance with their creative skills and the nature of the hotel considering culture and the demand. 

Architecture & 3D design

Using state-of-the-art technology, DBI partnering company can create 3D images and rendering of a hotels architecture and internal layout before , during or refurbishment time of the construction.

Brand development

Creating a strong brand begins with acquiring the best material and we can create all your visual and online content to develop the best hospitality project. All our Strategic concept Designs and developed brand will ensure that its distinct character are retained.  

Construction overseeing  ( TSA)

We work with contractors to oversee the successful construction of each unit within the given deadlines.

Its just a hotel conversion, refurbishment or new build hotel,  we provide extensive solutions that you will be getting the best solution no matter the how big or small the project is.

We work with local top expert and many regional and international developers.  

Digital marketing

Promoting your property requires a great depth of knowledge about the product and skills of providing solutions, DBI well experienced team of   marketers based in Colombo and Kiev city will handle all of your marketing needs.

Our marketing team also attend regular trade shows and all relevant city events including latest workshops, thus reducing the costs to individual hotels and making these events a viable for even smallest hotel owners.

We connect you with the rest of the world