Backed by a team of 40+ experts our strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients. 

We offer a well-designed infrastructure and a highly experienced management team who understand how to tackle and resolve the core issues to help you optimise revenue across the spectrum – from increasing room sales, upgrading F&B revenues and maximising meeting and conference opportunities to enhancing the unique image and positioning of your property.

Our management solutions leverage our strengths, experience and record of creatively and effectively addressing the challenges facing the hospitality industry and business in an ever changing and challenging market environment.

Because managing a hotel is not just having a happy guest or full hotel, as it is a complex process, we provide a complete management solution in accordance with the owner’s desired goals using our tested and proven organisational model.

Sample DBI managed hotel, AV. P&L %

You can transform your hotel to a revenue-producing asset that lets you to relax & focus on new investments

DBI partnership benefits

With our experience, expertise and resources at your disposal, you have the assurance that your hotels are in safe hands

  • Freedom from day -to day management issues
  • Regular and relevant reporting
  • Emphasis on achieving optimal Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR)
  • Emphasis on Market Penetration Index (MPI) and Revenue Growth Index (RGI)
  • Sustained drive to maximise guest satisfaction & engagement
  • Service standards at the highest international level
  • Expert team for  revenue management
  •  Global distribution network among the most powerful in the world with our own Chanel manager and various widgets and market place. 

Maximise your return on investment

We prepare individual plans for each hotel we manage, incorporating details such as the hotel’s macro and micro environments. We also assess any required capital improvement or conceptual changes needed to increase market share and profitability. You will receive clear goals, & hotel KPIs for planning and future monitoring. 


You need have no concerns about integration as we have a proven record of successfully blending hotel teams and increasing net operating profits. We will provide you with a complete evaluation of existing staff. This evaluation will focus on their current skills and the twenty key basic criteria most relevant to today’s hospitality environment. This report is completely free. We will work with your current team to ensure that service delivery at your hotel exceeds guest expectations and guest engagement round the property is of the highest level. We know this leads to a strong brand, creating ambassadors who will return to your property

As part of our service, your property will benefit from regular visits from our team – both scheduled and unscheduled – for inspections, consultations, management oversight, sales and marketing and property management. We also deploy ‘mystery guests’ who visit quarterly and stay in hotels anonymously to report on service and ensure quality standards are met.

Enjoy world of services with our full management contract.

A full service contract with DBI Hotel Management will provide hassle-free cover in every aspect of operational services.
Not only will you enjoy peace of mind thanks to professional property management focusing on an increased bottom line, but you will also be relieved of the responsibility for having to carry out many difficult tasks:

  • You will enjoy affordable, realistic fees that include a base management fee, an incentive management fee, term lengths and cancellation clauses designed to suit your particular needs and budget.
  • You will be provided with detailed sales & marketing plans and suggested capital improvements where appropriate.
  • We will maximize sales through a carefully planed sales effort as well as marketing and strategic partnerships.
  • You will receive periodic reports on progress and we will point out areas requiring attention. 
  • We will ensure that physical maintenance and capital improvements take place with your involvement at every step. 
  • Your staff will become highly motivated through proven human resource training and management techniques that encourage a sense of belonging to the DBI One Team Culture.
  • We will improve your hotel’s profitability by passing on the full discounts we achieve through our strategic alliance with key hospitality suppliers.
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“A successful enterprise relies on two things; Innovation and creativity. DBI Hotels has been built on both and is always looking ahead to the future .”

Irantha Duwage

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